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My mission is to share with audiences my very best with complete abandon. I’m deeply committed to give everything I’ve got every time. For me, there’s truly no greater privilege than to unleash deeply sincere, well crafted original songs each born to reflect a deliberate celebration of life’s triumphs, as well as its sometimes difficult trials. The climate in America is a far cry from my birthplace on an island in the South China Sea. Being the product of a vibrant & and complex culture, Hong Kong will always be my home. It’s hard to not miss my 20 years in the Far East; there’s simply no place like it anywhere. I am fluent in two Chinese dialects, Mandarin and Cantonese. After moving to America, I performed as a solo act in many venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Occasionally my talent brought me to sing the lead with various members of The Marshall Tucker and Elvin Bishop Bands. I enjoyed being featured on two ‘Southern Utah Singer/Songwriter Association’ CD’s. I performed on KUTV News in Utah to promote a charity concert and was also chosen to be part of a special filming of Utah’s forward moving artists.

Matt Abernathy

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Magic Mountain Concert

Just returned from an exciting trip to Magic Mountain in Southern California, where I had the opportunity to perform with Jericho Road and Alex Boye.  This was a privilege and an honor indeed.  Jericho Road and Alex Boye delivered great performances and they had all the smooth moves to go with it. Definitely hard working acts who were a blast to watch from a vantage point back stage. I keep a few songs I learned as a child personally close to me for those severe rainy days when the perfect storm brews overhead and yet this was a perfect venue to deliver one of these songs, "I Am A Child Of God" to a wider audience. I have never heard it sung so big in my life. Big shout out to Jericho Road and Alex Boye for including me in this one!